Bird Photographers of the World

It never occurred to me when I founded this web site 20+ years ago that I’ve ever be trying to encourage bird photographers from around the world to enter into positive and informative dialogue and submit photographs of birds taken at the nest. I wonder how many photographs of different species of birds at the nest will eventually appear on this web site.

According to the ‘National Geographic Birds of the World’ there are 249 families and 10,425 bird species world-wide. We have 80 bird families and 760 bird species that breed in North America.

With the more advanced cameras and web cams there are going to be more and more well intentioned amateur photographers taking videos and stills of the life cycles of birds. This is a good thing but it has to be done by people with an understanding of their subjects. The below video is disturbing in that the photographer cut away the upper story of the shrubbery and thus exposed the nestlings to the sun (see day 9).


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