Looking for committed bird photographers/seller/buyer/publisher…

I’ve been contemplating a total revision of my web site. Go here:

Right now the 2,000 or so bird images of some 100+ North American species (taken mostly with high-speed strobes at nests) come up as tiny thumbnails that enlarge to 4″ x 6″ @ 72 dpi (far too small to get an appreciation of the file’s detail).

I’d entertain placing the images of other like-minded photographers up on the site. There will be two objectives.

#1. – to strive for quality over quantity.

#2. – to market these images by bringing photographer (seller) and buyer together.


A pair of Plumbeous Vireos bring insects to a family of hungry nestlings.


A Black-billed Magpie gets ready to fly the nest after feeding a beak full of insects to two hungry babies.


A female Rufous Hummingbird provides an aerial display featuring her iridescent back and tail feathers as she approaches the nest containing two young.


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