bokeh / portrait

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bokeh / portrait

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Donald E. Waite
3 years 2 months ago

I decided to try an experiment – which turned out to be a failure – and have a false backdrop made for some photography. The word to describe the backdrop is “brokeh”. Unfortunately this drop looks false. I also used a prop into the top of which was embedded a peanut. It was amazing just how quickly a jay could come in and remove the peanut and fly off. The equipment was setup at the back door and I was seated in a chair in the kitchen with a remote. I had a bag of peanuts on the floor near the sliding door. Once I went to let a friend in the front door and 2 jays flew into the house to steal peanuts. They flew into the family room and managed to knock all the anniversary and birthday cards off a shelf. They were fearless. My friend and I herded the back out the sliding door to the outside.