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Douglas Squirrel

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Douglas Squirrel

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2 years 1 month ago

While sitting in the blind, observing the thrush, it got pretty quiet in the forest. Not much was going on around me when out of the brush popped up this Douglas Squirrel, chipping away and bolting straight for me and the blind. It scared the willies out of me. It kept calling and running right up to the blind, then around, hissing, and up on an old cedar next to the blind. It kept running ’round and Round’ the trunk, stopping to peek at me each time, chattering and hissing a bit. I eventually got my wits about me and grabbed the camera to snap a couple of photos. The whole incident lasted about 3 minutes. It briefly left, then came back up to the tree, then eventually took off. I might be 100 times bigger, but if it came in the blind I would have left it in charge.